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 MAG Patched to v1.03

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MAG Patched to v1.03 Empty
PostSubject: MAG Patched to v1.03   MAG Patched to v1.03 EmptySat Feb 27, 2010 1:25 pm

MAG Patched to v1.03 4276912941_99cba69d20_o-e1267279686928
A massive patch has been released for MAG which looks to fix some
balancing issues and allow you to swap weapons quicker by 500
milliseconds(!). A full list of changes below;
<blockquote>Patch v1.03 Available Now
Overhauled tuning of multiple weapons of all types (see “Weapon” section
Improved speed of weapon and gear swapping by approximately 500
Fixed bug in SVER’s Aralkum Mechanical Acquisition map and Absheron
Refinery Domination map that allowed players to defuse a charge planted
on a repaired gate or door.
Added a “solid tone” sound effect near the end of a charge’s beeping
detonation timer so that players know when the charge can no longer be
defused and that they should vacate the area.
“Medium Improved” Armor now works as intended with the speed properties
of Medium Armor and a defensive value greater than Medium, but less than
Heavy Armor.
Changed resuscitated player’s camera orientation to match the last
camera direction used while incapacitated instead of the pre-harm
Players no longer lose XP if a teammate is killed by an objective
explosion caused by a charge they planted.
Respec Point requirements in Barracks have been changed from 3K, 5K,
10K, 17K, 26K, and 26K-Repeat to 1K, 2K, 3K, and 3K-Repeat.
Lowered the amount of damage necessary to kill an incapacitated enemy.
All fired projectiles (RPGs, Turret Rockets) have been given a steadier
Mines that haven’t been triggered are no longer removed from the map
when the dead player that deploys them respawns unless that player
changes their Loadout (note: The maximum number of mines you can plant
cannot exceed the number you initially spawn with).
Fixed bug that prevented “fully-resuscitated” players with more than 100
health points from receiving their full HP.
Fixed bug that caused players to take unnecessary damage from both
friendly and enemy vehicles when touching them.
Players no longer lose leadership points after entering “Veteran Mode.”


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MAG Patched to v1.03 AutisticSoldier
MAG Patched to v1.03 Acemoty-1
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MAG Patched to v1.03 Empty
PostSubject: Re: MAG Patched to v1.03   MAG Patched to v1.03 EmptySat Feb 27, 2010 6:27 pm

i was going to post this but i guess i forgot lol. there are still a good number of issues/exploits though. i've been knifed quite a few times by people dropping to prone then teleport crawling at me a good 8 feet away. so annoying. the faster weapon/gear swap is pretty noticeable though.

MAG Patched to v1.03 35bclxc
MAG Patched to v1.03 Gibbs
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MAG Patched to v1.03
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